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I have always had a love for mushrooms and they are a theme in my life and home. I remember hunting for morels as a little girl and the taste of them after they were breaded and deep fried. I have always associated mushrooms with magic and fairies. I particularly love the red and white toadstools in all of the best fairytale illustrations.  Although, I …


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In an effort to consciously live with the seasons we have decided to share a few of our Spring favorites. It finally feels like Spring in Ohio. The smell of rain and the warmth of the sun are coaxing me into clearing out the old and making room for the new. To support me in kicking off the dust, I will be revisiting …


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Spring is in full swing around here.  You can smell it in the air…freshness, newness, and signs of nature waking up all around.  The birds are singing earlier and longer.  It always brings back childhood memories for me.  Something about this season just makes me want to wake up, clean out, start new!  Here are my Spring picks: I had …

a little.adventure

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So we decided to treat ourselves and take a little adventure to the Sweet Paul Makerie in Brooklyn. Looking forward to some creative time in good company, but to be honest we are highly anticipating great food and cocktails! 🙂 With,  joanne & judy

alittle.birthday…ok it’s a BIG one!

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Hello little.friends, We have a big birthday on the horizon.  It’s July 7th, if anyone would like to send gifts 🙂 because this year we want to make thoughtful purchases and buy less.  Our identical dream is to build a, which means we are taking baby steps to simplify, create, and find more joy, with the hope of lightening up our lives and our …