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I have always had a love for mushrooms and they are a theme in my life and home. I remember hunting for morels as a little girl and the taste of them after they were breaded and deep fried. I have always associated mushrooms with magic and fairies. I particularly love the red and white toadstools in all of the best fairytale illustrations.  Although, I have never “tripped on real magic mushrooms ” they bring a lot of magic to my life. My little.adventure this Spring was to go mushroom hunting. Between time constraints and my Mother’s warning that, “the tics are bad this year Joanne”  and I’ll die from Lyme disease, I opted for stopping on River Road, in Huron, Ohio. We were 15 minutes ahead of schedule on the way to my daughter’s drum lessons, and I thought to take the long way and go looking for a mushroom was a great idea. Now my daughter is 8 years old and usually up for the things I want to do, but within 2 minutes, she was swatting bugs and declared to me that she is not a “nature girl”!  Oh my, what am I raising? Regardless, I was blessed enough to be covered in the smell of jasmine and to find 1 morel (a miracle manifestation I believe).

I have so mushroom in my heart for you

I was impressed with myself, but she just asked if she could hold it and said “Ewww!” with a crinkled nose.  I felt differently, this was my prize and when I got home, I washed it (2 bugs crawled out) I forgot about real food and what’s inside. Now, I said “Ewww!” I spared the the rollie pollies lives of course, but then had to try to forget that image before I sauteed them in grass fed butter and enjoyed my personal forest feast. Four hours later, I am vomiting and wondering if it was my mushroom or the Zevia soda I chugged before bed. I blame on my night without sleep on my mushroom fetish. Oh, How I love the fungi pizza at the Hearth Tavern in downtown Sandusky, Ohio! I do remember eating so much Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup as a kid, I threw up and swore it off, but that didn’t last long.

P.S. I don’t touch any Campbell’s soup now, and it’s not because of the mushrooms.

Warning, my brother in law informed me that there are poisonous imposters that look like morels, but he assured me, mine appeared safe. I am over it, and I have just made another quick stop to forage again.

A Lucky Mushroom I plan on making by one of my Sweet Paul Makerie 2017 favorites: Anne Wood

These boys aren’t as professional as me, but here’s a little minimum effective dose on mushroom hunting:  YouTube

With,  joanne


a farmers market find, the artist was a young girl selling her cards


thrift store find


another thrift store find


a nature walk at Osborne park, I could have stayed here for a very long time and I think I did

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