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Spring is in full swing around here.  You can smell it in the air…freshness, newness, and signs of nature waking up all around.  The birds are singing earlier and longer.  It always brings back childhood memories for me.  Something about this season just makes me want to wake up, clean out, start new!  Here are my Spring picks:


I had the opportunity of meeting Katrina Rodabough this month at the Sweet Paul Makerie in Brooklyn.  I attended her workshop in shashiko mending and now I am addicted!  Her passion for slow and sustainable fashion is so genuine it’s infectious.  She also has a beautiful blog “made by katrina” – Check her out!


Orange Avocado Salad – this salad is not exactly seasonal to Ohio, but it is definitely a go-to quick, easy, refreshing and filling recipe at our house.  It is from the cookbook, The Forest Feast, by Erin Gleason, written from her cabin in the woods.
(Inspiring me to build my own little house in the woods)!  The recipes are super easy and her water color artwork and photography is so dreamy.  Click on the picture to be taken to the actual recipe.  Photo Credit: Erin Gleason,


So my product recommendation is really two.  Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day and Grove Collaborative.  I love Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products.  They are made with essential oils without harsh chemicals.  They are always coming out with new seasonal scents and every time I get a new one, I am inspired to start cleaning, and the packaging is so pretty that I like to keep a couple out on my kitchen counter.  I just received my new shipment which includes the new lilac scent and a free peony multi-surface cleaner!  This is where Grove Collaborative comes in…they ship natural cleaning products at a discount right to your front door.  If you sign up for a monthly VIP account (you don’t have to), shipping is free.  There are no hidden costs, and I get a text message telling me my monthly order is due to ship, so I can change or cancel it at anytime.  I usually spend between $40 and $60.  This saves me time and money at the store and helps me keep my grocery bill separate from my cleaning supplies.  Did I say you also get free VIP gifts. This month I received a pretty glass spray bottle and the full sized peony multi-surface cleaner.  Also, they have an incentive for sharing the love.  If you order via this link, you will get $10 and so will I 🙂



This magical book is a full of eye candy as well as practical recipes and simple crafts that can add a touch of beauty or whimsy to any home.  I like it because I can pick it up and by just glancing at the pictures my daydreaming begins.  Reading it word for word gives me a glimpse into Paul Lowe’s childhood.  He has a way of making me feel like I was standing next to him and makes me nostalgic for childhood.  Like everything Sweet Paul does, Eat & Make is charming and beautiful.



This was my attempt at creating robin egg blue Easter eggs with natural purple cabbabe dye.  Here is the tutorial I found on pinterest.  Instead of boiled eggs, I blew the yolks out after I dyed them (I didn’t want to do all that work and then peel and eat them and I didn’t want to try and find edible gold paint!).  I had hopes of getting them strung up and hung on some cherry blossom branches before Easter..hah

With,  judy

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